A few first words in Spanish

Here we would like to present you with the “first words” in Spanish. Of course listed here are not only Spanish words but also the commonly used official language Catalan (Majorcan). In the schools and town offices here in Majorca one also speaks Majorcan to one another. However, every Majorcan will be delighted if you order your glas of wine in Spanish and not in English. The Majorcans really appreciate every small try in talking Spanish. For this reason, we have created this small list with a few important Spanish words. Have fun when using it.

 English  Spanish  Catalan
 yes  si  si
 no  no  no
 thank you  gracias  grácies
 good bye  adios  adéu
 the bill, please !  la cuenta, por favor !  el compte, per favor !
 how much is it ?  cuánto es ?  quant fa ?
 today  hoy  avui
 tomorrow  mañana  demà
 yesterday  ayer  ahir
 week  semana  setmana
 year  año  any
 minute  minuto  minut
 hour  hora  hora
 day  dia  dia
 good morning  buenos dias  bon dia
 good day  buenas tardes  bona tarda
 good evening  buenas noches  bona nit
 Do you speak English ?  habla inglés ?  parla anglès ?
 I didn’t understand !  no he entendido !  No he entès !
 Sorry !  perdona !  perdona !
 What time is it ?  que hora es ?  quina hora es ?