Apart from its dream beaches, Majorca is also a shopping paradise.

The opening hours are very customer friendly. Most shops are open mornings from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm. Then again after the Spanish siesta from 04:00 pm to about 07:00 pm for small shops and up to 10:00 pm for some larger shops and in Palma. The large shopping centers are open throughout the day.

The extensive variety in supermarkets like Syp Eroski, Lidl, Aldi, Carrefour and Mercadona leaves nothing to be desired.

All large brands are featured in Palma’s elegant shopping street Avda Jaume III. Furthermore, the many small alleys in Palma offer lots of cheap, small, cute and exquisite shops. Also the absolute insider’s tips can be found here. Enjoy the various possibilities that shopping in Palma has to offer, and find out what things you can buy more cheaply in Palma than you can at home.

Directly next to the motorway of Palma toward Inca (First turnoff Santa Maria) you can find the festival Parc Marratxi. This mixture of factory outlets, restaurants and an entertainment strip offers everything to spend a great day. Cinemas, restaurants of every type, a reptile park, bowling and factory shops of e.g. Levis, Nike, Lloyds, Camper and many others all guarantee for a entertaining and fulfilling shopping experience during your visit.

Typical souvenirs from Majorca:

In Majorca there are and have lived countless artists. Deià is probably know everywhere as an artist’s village, but also Fornalutx and many other places on the island are home to painters, sculptors and writers. A lot of them try to get by here selling only their art. But luckily art is subjective. There are many galleries, and many artists sell their creations at weekly markets. Finding a bargain is not really that easy anymore, as prices are very high.

Leather ware and shoes from Inca

The leather industry is located in and around Inca. Standing here is the well known original company building of the shoe manufacturer Camper. Situated in Inca is also their large store for the direct purchase of shoes. As before, bargains are hard to come by and possibly easier to find in the factory outlet in Marratxi.
Overall, the other leather shops offer only average quality merchandise at normal prices. High quality products and bargains are the exception.


Pearls, ceramic and olive wood products

In Manacor you can find a few typically Majorcan souvenirs. Located here is teh pearl factory, which is also heard of beyond the shores of Majorca. Fabricated here are the well known artificial pearls, but real ones are also processed. The factories are well signposted and hard to miss.
Directly on the main road are typical stores which sell pottery and ceramic.
Nice bits and peaces can also be found in the different mountain villages.
Then there is a market at the town entrance (coming from Palma) that specializes in olive wood products. These olive wood products are not cheap, but definitely worth seeing. On your trip to Manacor make sure the town bypass has been completed and don’t miss the exit.


Hierbas/herb liquor:

The Hierbas is the typical Majorcan herb liquor that is fondly taken as a “Chupito” (shot) after eating . It comes in three grades: Dulce (sweet), Secas (dry) and Micimici (mixed, dry and sweet). There are many producers of Hierbas on the island. You can buy it in every large or small supermarket. In some ceramic shops or in the shops dispersed across the island there is the possibility of tasting the different grades and types with following purchase. The Palo liquor (liquor from locust bean) is a further product of the island.