Majorca’s Beaches

Cala Llombards

This small bathing bay named Cala Llombards lies in the southeast of Majorca close to the village Es Llombards and the small urbanization Cala Llombards. The beach is easy to access and a small road leads directly to the beach. Right in front of the beach is a free carpark. A small beach bar with small meals, ice cream and cooled drinks can also be found here. A small toilet house is also on site. In the season from May to the end of October sunbeds and sunshades are at the beach and can be rented for a fee. Even during the main season this picturesque bathing bay is not overrun. The beach is visited by locals and tourists to the same extent. Because there are no hotels, this beach section still very idyllic and romantic. Pretty rocks surround the bay. Here one can joyfully relax.

Bild - Cala Llombards

Calo de Sa Torre

This small beach lies in the village of Porto Petro. It is accessible by car. The cars can be parked above the small bay. You can also reach the beach by bike, boat or of course on foot. There are sunbeds and also a small beach bar or something similar. Here one enjoys the quiet and the view into the bay of Porto Petro. The beach is visited by locals and the holiday makers from the nearby hotel.

Bild - Calo de Sa Torre

Cala Mondrago

The pretty bathing bay Cala Mondrago is situated in the nature park of the same name and is one of the few bathing bays that are under nature protection. Restaurants and a small shop as well as a pedal boat hire and of course rentable sunbeds and sunshades are situated here. There are also toilets and showers at the beach. Parking spaces with fee are above the bay. One can find many locals at the beach, especially on Sundays, and of course many tourists, because of the nearby hotels in this region. The Cala Mondrago lies in the southeast of Majorca close to the village Porto Petro. The bathing bay can be reached by car or bus. Great walking routs and picnic areas can be found in the nature park.

Bild - Cala Mondrago


This beach section is reachable by car via the road toward Cala Figuera and then the small urbanization of Cap des Muro. One can also walk there on foot via Cala Mondrago on a path to S’Amarador. This pretty beach features rentable sunbeds and sunshades. In summer, a small kiosk can be found there. Here you can buy cold drinks and ice cream. From this beach you can also get to the nature park of Mondrago. Wonderful walking paths can be found here. S`Amarador is also visited by locals and holiday makers alike.

Bild - S`Amarador

Colonia Sant Jordi

The beach of Colonia Sant Jordi in the south of Majorca lies right in the tourist village of the same name. The beach borders directly with the promenade. Right next to the beach is also the small fishing harbour. From here you can book trips to Cabrera. Rubber dinghies can be rented directly at the beach of Colonia Sant Jordi. The beach is divided into two areas. In both it is possible to rent sunbeds and sunshades. You can delightfully walk along the beach. All along the promenade are many restaurants like e.g. the restaurant Marisol right on the seafront or – to try something different - the Chinese restaurant Gran Muralla. Located right at the beach is the information centre of the Cabrera National Park. Here you can look at the many treasures and the water world of Cabrera. Definitely worth a visit.

Bild - Colonia Sant Jordi

Port de Soller

The bay of Soller, named Bahia de Soller, has 2 beach areas. Both are on the opposing side of the bay. The first area is the larger and also prettier one. Here the beach has a shallow decline. The other part is a lot smaller and covered in pebble stones. Located along the promenade are numerous restaurants. The restaurant Es Passeig is always highly recommended. Boat trips can be booked from the harbour. Sunbeds and sunshades can be rented at the beach, as well as pedal boats. The picturesque bay can also be reached barrier-free. Showers and toilets are at the beach. A great bay with many activities in the southwest of Majorca.

Bild - Port de Soller

Playa de Muro

In the bay of Alcudia lies the well-known sand beach Platja de Muro, directly in front of the nature park and bird sanctuary Albufera. White dunes indicate the oncoming natural beach. The fine sand, its vastness and the fantastic view on to the bay and the waves make the Platja de Muro very popular - not only among families. Also, many locals come here, especially on Sundays. Everyone can find a generous spot, even in the main season. When the wind is blowing, kite- and windsurfers glide over the water. A surf school lets you rent all the necessary equipment. The restaurant “La Playa” is located directly at the beach and is one of the most popular Restaurants there. It’s also a great place to just hang out and enjoy the view.

Bild - Playa de Muro

Colonia de Sant Pere

Over time many bars and restaurants have sprung up along the promenade north of the harbour with its Tamarin trees and benches. A good restaurant directly at the sea is the well known “Es Vivers”. It serves tasty Mediterranean food with Italian flair. Below the promenade lies the east beach, protected by a wave breaker to the north. It’s about 80 meters long and 20 meters wide. The beach is fitted with showers and is frequently visited by locals and tourists in the summer.

Bild - Colonia de Sant Pere