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Here we would like to lay out all the possibilities of the individual holiday in Majorca. What exactly is a traditional villa (“finca”)? What differences are there between a traditional villa and a classic villa? What can be described as a holiday home and what exactly is a chalet? Here we will inform you about the various possibilities of the different holiday accommodations.

A country villa or farmhouse (called “finca” in Majorca) is a countryside property, that might have also once been an actual farmhouse. It’s a residence located in the countryside with mostly large grounds and quiet location, away from mass tourism. Here, a rental car is a must-have. There are many completely different fincas, with capacities ranging from 2 to up to 16 persons. They are ideal houses for family and friends. There are also fincas which are suitable for weddings.

A classic villa can be described as a large, usually more modernly styled and exclusive house with high quality features. A villa often lies within walking distance of the sea or the next beach. The villas impress with their location and exclusive features and equipment. We also recommend a rental car to be flexible.

A holiday home is almost always located in a residential area, where of course one will also come across neighbors. A holiday home is mostly situated in a region where restaurants, shops and supermarkets are close by. Here we also recommend a rental car to be flexible. However, with most holiday homes it is also possible to reach nearby shops and restaurants by foot.

A chalet is a semi-detached house (duplex) or single house located close to the sea. These houses are often situated in residential areas with shopping possibilities and restaurants, with a beach or the sea being close by. The chalets are mostly modernly furnished. Generally they are newly built houses. Here we would also recommend a rental car, but it is not a must have.

Country hotels are hotels situated within the countryside with large plots, where the guests can relax and enjoy the quiet. These hotels are usually former farms and are also called “agro fincas”. The farms have been restored and renovated with much effort and loving detail, and turned into nice and comfortable, small hotels. Country hotels often only offer 6 to 24 hotel rooms at the most. The smaller hotels are the villa hotels. They are also situated in the countryside and usually offer no more than 6 rooms. Whether villa hotel or country hotel, both are ideal for relaxing and enjoying peace and quiet during your holiday. A rental car is highly recommended when staying at such a rural hotel. Some hotels also include their own restaurants or offer an evening dinner menu for their guests.

Many guests assume that an individual holiday is much more expensive than a packaged holiday. This is not correct. If e.g. one rents a villa together with friends, the holiday may well be cheaper than a packaged one. Also, when choosing an individual holiday you can seek advice from us. We enjoy helping our guests in finding the right stay. This type of holiday is for guests who want to stay flexibel, not bound by dinner times in the hotel, let alone dress codes. In your villa or holiday home you can eat what you want, when you want it and how you want it. You can relax by the pool without having to share it with all of those other people. You get to know the island better, and you can move and travel around just as you please. The island offers much to see and discover. You rental car lets you explore the diverse regions spontaneously. There are many beaches in Majorca that are not overcrowded even during the main season. Many small restaurants in many romantic villages. Here you can often dine cheaply and in typical Majorcan style.

Feel free to browse our website and be inspired by the many ways to spend your next holiday in Majorca.

All villas and holiday homes have a minimum rental duration of 7 days or rather one week. Of course you can add single days and can therefore rent your desired holiday home for e.g. 10 days. In the summer months a holiday home is often only bookable from Saturday to Saturday. This is always upon request. We look foreword to your inquiries and your visit to the most beautiful island in the world.

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