Flights To Majorca

To reach Majorca you can fly from almost any airport in Europe daily. Many airlines offer numerous flights per day to the island of Majorca. In approx. two hours you will have reached your vacation spot. This short flight time makes the island a popular holiday destination every year. Because of this, the variant of a short weekend holiday is very interesting. Every year, more flight destinations are added and expanded upon. If you book your flight early enough, you may get a cheap offer.

The airlines even offer flights that are over 1 year in advance. That way, one can fly to Majorca cheaply. You are welcome to view our partner sites for your flight.

The airport in Palma de Mallorca is “Son Sant Joan”. The total surface area is 6,3 km². The maximum capacity at the moment is 25 million airline passengers per year. Up to 18.000 passengers per hour or rather 400.000 per day can pass through the airport.

The surface area of the terminal is 250.733 m². A total of 88 parking positions amounting to 70.000 m² are available for the passenger airplanes. Of all the gates, 74 are equipped with boarding bridges. The freight center has a surface of 6.000 m². 4.800 parking spaces are available to motor cars.

A new flight departure area was opened in May 2010, which increased the handling capacity of the airport to 32 million flight passengers. In 2015 the total capacity was further increased to 38 million flight passengers annually.